Restoring Lost Data

Started by Darius1968, April 14, 2024, 10:30:21 AM

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In an attempt to troubleshoot IMatch, I deleted and reinstalled IMatch.  Between the deletion and reinstall process, I deleted the folder:  (1) C:\Program Files\, as well as various other folders on my IMatch installation drive containing the text

The result I have now is that I still haven't resolved my original problem, but in the process I have created a very minor problem:  That I no longer have some of the file window layouts that I have recently created and some entries that I've made in the IMatch Notepad are gone.  Given that I have a full system image backup from not more than a week ago, what folders would I have to restore to get these back? 
Also, in my troubleshooting, have I completely wiped IMatch off my system, or are there other steps I must also take to be sure that when I reinstall, it is as if IMatch is being installed on my system for the very first time. 



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