Format Text in Metadatas, like description

Started by sinus, April 12, 2024, 04:07:08 PM

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In principle I already know the answer ::) , but it could be (which would be great) that I'm wrong.

My brother asked me whether it is possible to bold or underline words within a sentence in a text that you enter in the metadata, for example in Description.

I said no, that's not possible. You can format various fields, e.g. with "Design & Print" or "Image Batch Processor" in various ways, but not words within a sentence.

Is that correct?
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Metadata does not support formatting instructions.
And where would your brother see the formatted metadata? In IMatch? Somewhere else?

You could always include XAML tags in metadata you plan to use in Design & Print or custom File Window layouts. But that would probably ruin the metadata for all other purposes.

Maybe use Attributes instead, since Attributes don't "leave" IMatch and you are basically free to do with Attribute values whatever you want. Including using XAML markup or HTML tags or Markdown or whatever.
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Thanks, Mario!
Yes, he wants to see it in IMatch, but luckily he is open for all, what I say to him. 

I will think about, what is best to do for him (another brother has also bought IMatch some time ago, but I do not know, if he uses it at the moment).

At least, with IMatch we can do really a lot.  :)

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)