Check for Yes or No attribute value

Started by dcb, February 25, 2024, 09:34:03 AM

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How do I check for an attribute value that is Yes?

hasvalue returns all images that have an attribute set regardless of the Yes or No value. I just want the Yes's.

I have a set called Socials with
- flickr_master (checkbox)
- pixelfed_master (checkbox).

The images where pixelfed_master is checked, come up as well because the attribute for flickr_master is automatically set to No when the attribute set is added.

"@Attribute[Socials.flickr_master,hasvalue]" returns everything. What I need here is something like "@Attribute[Socials.flickr_master,hasvalue,Yes]"

I tried regexp instead of hasvalue but it returns nothing at all.
Have you backed up your photos today?


The purpose of hasvalue is to check if the variable has a value or not.
If you want to compare the value with a text like 'Yes', use the is:Value,TV,FV,case function.
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