Quick View reports no cache file and turns black after forced rescan

Started by Tallpics, February 22, 2024, 05:22:49 PM

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An error has started recently with the display in the quick view window.

New photos added to IMatch folders by a rescan display a photo with text saying 'No cache image available. Displaying thumbnail'.

When I choose to 'Force update' on a photo the quick view window turns solid black.

If I select another photo and then return to the previous photo again the black panel momentarily displays the photo before immediately going black again.

This happens with jpg files exported from Lightroom and psd files from Photoshop.

Older files that were already input are behaving normally.

I have a diagnostics log. This is an extract which suggests a problem:

>  0 CIMDXCacheManagerLoaderDelegate::InnerLoad  'V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp(629)'
02.22 16:14:23+    0 [61BC] 02  I> K:\IMatch5_Cache\816F4372-EFCC-4478-B601-4127524EF4A7\47\475117.jpg
02.22 16:14:23+    0 [61BC] 01  W> Load failed for 'K:\IMatch5_Cache\816F4372-EFCC-4478-B601-4127524EF4A7\47\475117.jpg'. [88982f50] 'The component cannot be found.'  'V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp(700)'
02.22 16:14:23+    0 [61BC] 01  W> Exception [88982f50]  'V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp(710)'
02.22 16:14:23+    0 [61BC] 00  E> D2D CacheManager: [88982f50] Unknown or unsupported file format. on line 1013 file V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp  'V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp(1808)'
02.22 16:14:23+    0 [61BC] 50  M> >  0 CIMDXCacheManager::ClearPreloadQueue  'V:\develop\IMatch5\src\IMatchNG\IMDXCacheManager.cpp(2434)'

Any ideas?


'The component cannot be found.' 
is a message returned to IMatch when it tries to load a cache image via Windows WIC. When I remember correctly, Windows returns this error code if a image file is corrupted or in a non-supported format.

We see this occasionally with RAW files not supported by the WIC codec. But not with plain JPG files, especially not JPEG files IMatch has created as cache images.

Can you open the image in e.g. Photoshop or Windows Photo?
What kind of drive is K:? Network, external USB disk, ...?
-- Mario
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Hi Mario

Thanks for the quick reply.

Drive K is an internal Samsung SSD. The Imatch cache has been on this drive for a couple of years and hasn't been moved. I have run diagnostics and file checks on the drive and they don't report any errors.

Yes the files do open in Photoshop. I have tried making a simple edit then saving the file over-writing the original.

I then force a rescan of the file but the Quick view remains black apart from the momentary 'flash' of the photo when it's selected.

I can recreate the problem as the Quick view will continue to display a photo with the 'no cache' comment until I force a rescan at which time it goes black and stays that way.

All photos appear correctly in the main grid panel but the files showing the 'no cache' warning in Quick view also fail to display when I press enter to show them full size.

This is only affecting files going back a few weeks. Old files in the same database/folder/drive and taken by the same cameras work fine.

I have Imatch set to automatically create a full size cache file for every photo when added to the database as I sometimes carry the database on a laptop and copy the cache folder over so I can see full size versions whilst travelling. I never copy the cache folder back onto the main computer.


Both the Quick View and Viewer (and slide show) rely on cache images (except for JPEG files).
If Windows WIC suddenly fails to load the cache files, IMatch cannot display the files.

If you Shift + Ctrl + F5 force a rescan of an image and the cache file becomes all black, are there any warnings about reading the image in the log file.

Please upload a sample image to your cloud space and post a link.
I can add it here to a database and determine if the problem is a general problem with WIC or if this happens only on your PC.
Since no other user reported a similar issue, I wonder what happened a few weeks ago on your system when the problem appeared. New virus checker? Windows update installed? New software installed?
-- Mario
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I decided to try something as it seems that the problem was with the cached version of photos not loading.

So, using the same copy of the database I changed the cache folder to reference one of my backups on a different disk.

After doing this I have been able to import new photos, rebuild cache files and work with the database with no issues. The Quick view panel works fine with no blackout.

I don't know if this suggests that maybe my normal cache has been corrupted or maybe the SSD disk has - even though it passes the checks.


Impossible to tell. If Windows WIC reports, basically, "corrupted or unsupported" image all of a sudden, things appear  to be broken. The WIC JPG implementation is fast and very robust in general. Which is why IMatch uses it to directly load files into the GPU memory for speed. This usually just works.

You said that Ps can load the cache files. Which adds to the confusion.

And if the cache works fine when moved to a different disk, maybe the K: disk is the problem. Or your virus checker decided to interfere, for some reason. Modern virus checkers do strange things sometimes, and usually never inform the user anymore when they jump into action - to not confuse the poor user...
-- Mario
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