Are Person Keywords and Categories applied to files retroactively??

Started by Damit, February 22, 2024, 03:26:55 PM

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I noticed some files did not have keywords associated with a confirmed face in the photo. I suspect that I added the associated person keyword after confirming the face, and that these keywords are not added to the files if they were added to the Person after the face was confirmed.  Am I correct in this assumption?  Are Person Keywords not added to files containing confirmed cased retroactively?

If not, what is a good strategy to make sure these keywords populate?  I did a reload but since the files were not modified, I had to do a "force update of all files" to get these keywords to populate. So, I assume a reload would be necessary, but I don't think you can reload or force update of files by selecting a group of files. I looked at the options in the context menu and could not find one, so I think that one would have to go to all the folders and do a reload, enabling the "Force update of all files" option.  This would be laborious.  One could also just reload the whole folder using this option, but I assume that would be resource intensive.

Is there a way to update the files to get the person keywords to propagate easily?  What is the best strategy to ensure that these keywords get populated when they are added retroactively?


When you make changes to keywords for a person in the Person Manager, the keywords for all files linked to that person are updated. Adding / Removing keywords etc.

Just tried, works fine.
Added 2 new keywords for a person and removed one in the Person Manager.
All 100 files of that person now have the two new keywords and the removed keyword has been removed from all files.

Only confirmed faces are considered in this process.
Your thesaurus plays a role in this, synonyms and links are applied.
Check it for non-standard settings like in your other port.
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