Automation Favorites and the Pause Item

Started by PandDLong, February 20, 2024, 06:47:41 AM

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I am just starting to explore and use the fabulous Automation Favorites.

The question I have - for which the answer may be obvious but I am just not 100% sure - is about when/if to add a Pause item.

Right now, I am using automation favorites for multi-step tasks which include all or some of the following:

   - apply metadata template(s)
   - run renamer preset (through running a favourite)
   - run an import & export preset (through running a favourite)
   - activating the file window and making a selection (and doing some of the above) 

My Automation Favorites work fine in my test database using a handful of files.

If I use these favorites on hundreds or thousands of files, do I need to add Pause items or does each of these types of tasks finish completely before starting the next?

Thank you



Using Pause is not really something that is deterministic. Often it depends on what is done and the speed of the computer the automation favorite runs.

Applying metadata templates blocks the UI and the next step continues when the apply template operation is completed. No pause needed in this situation. Same for the favorite Renamer.

Switching to a File Window and then selecting some files may need a pause after the "goto File Window step", especially when the File Window is in another View. Because before IMatch can select things in a File Window, the File Window must be active and the files loaded.
This can be fast (your favorite just activates the already visible and active File Window) or it may take a second or three (your favorite switches IMatch to another View, where the File Window must then load 5000 files before it can select anything).

In situations like this, adding a Pause of several seconds may be required to make your automation favorite work. There is always a bit of trial and error involved.
-- Mario
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