Questions about the built-in update process

Started by sybersitizen, February 18, 2024, 05:09:11 PM

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I want to update to v2023.7.2, so I decided to try the built-in update option. After the download progress bar finished, I checked the box to install later.

I see that if I close and restart IMatch I can then proceed with the update or decline. Correct?

Where is the downloaded file? It's not in my Downloads folder.

After doing the installation, is the downloaded file automatically deleted?


The file is downloaded in the TEMP folder on your system.
"Download later" means IMatch installs the update when you close IMatch.
The downloaded file is deleted after the update is installed.
If you decline to install the update when IMatch closes, the downloaded file is retained and you are prompted to install the update when you start IMatch the next time.

You are supposed to clean the TEMP folder once in a while or run the Windows disk cleanup wizard, which does that for you (and other things).
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