Grouping People by Years

Started by vpv, February 12, 2024, 06:26:50 AM

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I have assigned Categories for People, for example, to family members and years

I am looking for the best way to have automatically generated Categories with Person-by-Years

On the screenshot is what I have now, with category formulas: "Years|200x|2009" AND "People|My Family|Y", for example

What would be the better way?
Thanks, Pavel


This is not enough information.
You did not attach a screen shot.

I understand that you use categories to group files by years.
Which would indicate that the Date Subject Created timestamp in your files does not match the actual time? Else a data-driven category based on the year of the file timestamp would automatically group files by year, no?
For example:


The data-driven category groups by the year part of the Date Subject Created tag. The preview shows the result.

I don't understand exactly what the category formulas you mention do. They don't look like valid formulas to me.

Do you want a hierarchy like

Person A
 | Year
 | ...
 | Year


 | Person A
 | ...
 | Person Z


  | Family A
    | Year 
    | ...
    | Year 
  | ...
  | Family Z

All is doable with a data-driven category and variables based on variables like {File.Persons.Families.Name} (assuming you group persons into families) and {File.Persons.Label} to get the person name. Use a level based on the year of Date Subject Created to bring in the time component.
-- Mario
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