Keep Integrated Viewer in Face Manager Open when assigning a different person

Started by Tveloso, February 09, 2024, 01:47:03 PM

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Often when confirming faces in Face Manager, I do so within the Integrated Viewer (when a series of face thumbnails in Face Manager, seems to contain some that I think might actually be a different person).  Seeing the full photo makes it clear whether or not that's true - a great feature to have in Face Manager.  

I can quickly press "C" on each photo in the Integrated Viewer, and the face is flagged as confirmed, and the Viewer immediately advances to the next image.  Very quick to confirm faces that way.  And then if I hit upon a face that's not the person I'm working on, I can press F2 to assign the correct person to the face.  But when I do that, the Viewer closes, and I have to open it again from within Face Manager.  It's certainly easy enough to open it again, but it kind of breaks my stride a little.

Would it be possible to keep the Viewer open in that instance, and have it move on to the next image (just as it would have done if I had pressed "C" instead of F2)?


This has been implemented for the next release. The Viewer is no re-opened after the person selector overlay is closed.
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