World Region Tags - do not delete content

Started by PandDLong, January 17, 2024, 07:43:42 PM

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I use the World Region tags in the IPTC Extension Location structures as a means to group my photos geographically.  I am not aware of any standards for this tag and I realize I my values and use are quite arbitrary and unique to me but I find it quite useful.

Currently, the reverse geo-code function delete the contents of the tags.  As does using a metadata template to assign a location based on the GPS of the file.  

Could these functions be modified to leave the World Region tags "as-is" versus deleting the contents.

Thanks for the consideration.



This has been implemented for the next IMatch release.
Since neither reverse geocoding nor IMatch locations support the IPTCExt WorldRegion tag, the WR tag is now left alone.
-- Mario
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