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Started by JohnZeman, January 12, 2024, 03:16:48 AM

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When I process a new image I create two JPG versions of it, one color, one black and white.  Then in IMatch I stack both images with their master raw image.

In the file window I love how I can toggle the master from showing the color image to the black and white image and the result carries over into the viewer.  However unless I missed something, and I'm certainly more than capable of doing that, there doesn't seem to be a way to toggle the version stack while I'm in the viewer.

So I would like to submit a feature request to enable version stack toggling from the viewer.


I'm not sure I understand this request.

Collapsing a stack tells the File Window to show only the stack top / master file.
For versions, if there is a stack proxy image, this will be the image that is shown in this case.

You bring files into the Viewer by selecting them and then pressing <Enter>.
As a special case, when only one file is selected and it is a stack top / master, the Viewer opens the entire stack.

What would a stack toggle in the Viewer do?

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Mario I'm sure it's me who doesn't understand what I'm asking for.

In the file window I'm not expanding the stack, when I press T IMatch changes the JPG version the master image shows in the file window.
I press T once the image changes from a color image to a black and white image.
I press T again and it changes back to a color image.
However this only works in the file window so my request, if possible, would be for the same thing to work while in the viewer.


Maybe you should use the Stack panel. BUT, even I like to have a short cut to toggle the pics in a stack (and a sign in the Viewer, that it is a stack).
And I see now, that if I rool the images in the viewer, the date of other panels are not refreshing. If all the pans would refreshing data as the Viewer shows another image, than you don not have to toggle images, as you would see all images in the stack in the Stack panel.


T toggles the version stack open/close.
If your stack is closed, IMatch shows the master. Unless there is a version stack visual version. In that case, the stack is represented by this version when it is collapsed, else by the normal master.

If you have a grayscale visual stack visual and the stack is collapsed, the File Window shows the version stack proxy (grayscale). If you expand the stack with <T>, the normal master is shown (and the version, if it is in the same scope).

If you select the master and press <Enter>, the Viewer loads all files in the stack and shows the both the color master and the grayscale version.

If the stack is expanded and only the master is selected, IMatch loads all files in the scope into the Viewer.

If you select the master and press <F4>,<V> (open version stack in Viewer), all files in the stack are loaded into the Viewer.
What you see in the Viewer now depends on whether or not the stack is collapsed when you load it into the Viewer.

If the stack is collapsed, you see the gray version in the File Window.

in the Viewer, you see two gray images in the film strip.
The gray version and the master represented by that version.

What the Viewer shows when you navigate between the two files depends on the show visual proxy setting in the Viewer. If it is enabled, you see a gray image in both cases. If it is disabled, you see a gray image for the version and a color version for the master.
You can toggle this with the smart menu (<S> key) or by using the keyboard shortcut <T>,<X> in the Viewer.
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Thanks for patiently explaining all this to me Mario, I didn't realize the keyboard shortcut of F4,V would effectively do what I want.  And I can always click the toolbar button to reveal all files hidden by collapsed stacks then use a JPG quick filter to only show the JPG versions in the viewer.

Since there are already different ways I can do what want I withdraw my feature request but I don't regret posting it because I learned some new things.  :)

Thanks for your input too mastodon.