Missing Tooltip (Categories Panel>Current>Formula)

Started by Darius1968, December 03, 2023, 05:03:16 PM

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I know, it's only recently that the Current Tab of the Categories Panel has been given the ability to display/hide formula categories.  And, with that, there is (at least on my setup) the idiosyncrasy that when I hover my mouse pointer over the icon representing the formula category, there is no corresponding tooltip. 


However, tooltips are available for both toggle switches corresponding to each - the data driven and the @Keywords categories. 


So, I'm just posting this for awareness, and am/will be grateful for a solution. 

Not that it really matters, but the formula categories here do have a clickable checkbox, whereas the data driven categories have non-clickable check boxes.  Again, maybe makes no difference as clicking a check box for a formula category will just promptly reinstate it. 


I see the thumbnail so it appears to have been fixed.
Which IMatch version are you using? 2023.4.6 or older?
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I'm using the latest release - Version 2023.4.6. 


I can confirm the missing tooltip for the "Formula categories" icon in the Category Panel / Current tab. All other icons have a tooltip. Running IM 2023.4.6.

Just for checking, I turned off "Experimental features" (should not have any impact anyway). Same behaviour, tooltip for the Formula Categories icon is missing.

Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA