Problem Linking Persons to Files

Started by Ron_S, November 25, 2023, 05:48:00 AM

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When I right click on a photo and choose Link Persons to files the dialog box that comes up contains only one person.  I have 36 people in the People tab, and in the past all the names were displayed in the Link Persons dialog box.

As only one name is displayed I am unable to Link files to anyone not listed (which is all of them except one.)

I haven't used this function for some time, so I don't know when this problem occurred.

Currently running iMatch 2023.4.6

Is there anything I can re-set or a file I can delete/rebuild to reconstruct the list?



You are searching for a person with a label containing "Max".
Click into the search field at the top and erase the text to see all persons in your database again.
-- Mario
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