Help page not fully visible (left <-> right)

Started by axel.hennig, November 15, 2023, 03:39:15 PM

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I've opened the help (pressing F1) and cannot see the full text. I can see the problem on this help-page:

Easier to explain, with screenshots:
First screenshot (text at the right is cut and no horizontal scrollbar available):

Second screenshot (text at the left is cut and no horizontal scrollbar available; I've moved "to the right" by marking text with the mouse):

I'm using Chrome. Both screenshots show very much white-space left and right (just to make clear that it is not my screen that is too narrow).

EDIT: Now I can see a horizontal scrollbar, but I had to scroll more or less to the bottom of tha page. Not sure if this is by design...


I know. Special case. No solution yet except for me rebuilding the entire page.
Since this only affects a few deeply nested items, it's on slow burn.
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Ok, I thought there should be an easy solution by just adjusting some lines in a css-file.