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Started by sinus, October 19, 2023, 12:28:01 PM

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The search box could be better, in my view. If I want to change where I want to search, for example, I have to look very closely to see what has already been clicked on or not (see attachment).
I would like the selected options to be more clearly recognisable. Specially if the monitor is not that big.
That is why I asked for this FR.

It would also be good if it could be seen whether the entire database is being searched or not. I don't know how many times I have searched, but I forget to release the database button and the search starts over the whole database.
And for me it easily takes 2 minutes.

Generally I think, it would be better to have a search button and when you click on it, a window opens where everything can be selected in a nice order, but that would probably mean a lot of work for Mario. Therefore this is not my FR, this is just a remark.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


When you point the mouse cursor at the search button, the tooltip shows the options you have enabled.
When you enable the database-wide search, the icon is highlighted accordingly:

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I cannot change the "highlight" color for the button or the items in the menu. These are bitmaps provided by the 3rd party user interface toolkit and the skin used.

I can change the highlight color in the new ribbon-style toolbars I'm currently creating for IMatch.
Then it looks like this:

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The smallest monitor I have i a 1920x1080 in a Windows tablet and I can see if the database icon is enabled and also if and which option in the search menu is enabled. Maybe its a screen DPI thing or a color thing that makes this more or less visible? My monitors are color-calibrated, except for the tablet.

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Thanks, Mario
I would say, in this case you can delete or move this to solved. 
I must simply go nearer and look better.  :D
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)