Automatic diagnostic run started although app was running

Started by ubacher, October 03, 2023, 08:52:13 AM

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I have (had) automatic diagnostics set to run after ten minutes of Imatch being idle. When I ran an app of mine
which runs longer than that imatch started the diagnostic and thus aborted my running app.

My app assigns categories from a text file - thus no file I/O except at start. I assume this made Imatch think
it was idle. How does Imatch determine "idle"?


IMatch determines "idle state" based on user interface activity and engine activity.
IMatch does not "know" if an app is running or if an external script or application is accessing services provided by IMWS.
Even it it would check if, say, IMWS was not used for 5 minutes before running the diagnosis, this does not mean that 3 seconds later an app or script or external software makes a call to an IMWS endpoint.
There are also apps which poll IMWS regularly (Dashboard), which run in the background (service apps) etc.

IMatch closes the database to run the diagnosis, which also stops all apps currently running (but not scripts or software which tries to access IMWS from the outside). IMWS is also stopped when the diagnosis runs.

If you run that kind of scripts/apps, it's probably better to disable the automatic diagnostic runs and react when IMatch asks you if you want to run a diagnosis.
-- Mario
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