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Started by sdb, September 02, 2023, 01:59:06 PM

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I have multiple Favourites pointing to external programs which use iMatch WebServices.  They work like a dream most of the time.  But very occasionally they fail because the port used by WebServices has (apparently randomly) changed.  This means I have to change the external programs, knowing I will probably have to change them again when iMatch is next run.  Sometimes re-booting avoids the need for this, but that is a pain and doesn't always work.

If the port number were an Application Variable I could add it to the Favourites to tell the external programs which port to use.

I appreciate this request for a new variable would probably be of interest to only a small minority of users so if significant effort is required it may not be worth it.


Makes sense and was quick to do (~15 minutes, including help updates).
The new variable is named {Application.IMWS.PortNumber} and returns something like 50.519. Use cast:int to make it a number without thousands groupings: {Application.IMWS.PortNumber|cast:int}.

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