Can Affinity Publisher replace InDesign for creating books and Brochures?

Started by sinus, August 19, 2023, 05:50:58 PM

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I know, I could ask this also on another forum, but I trust you guys most. :)

I works since ages with Adobe's InDesign and think, it it a great piece of software. I liked it from the beginning, when the temorary name was K2. ;D

But in the last years I must not use it very often, means, it is not more a must for me.
Therefore I work still with version :o :-[ CS6, I boght it once and it works and works.

But e.g. some templates from "book-companies" (and I guess, also new indd-files) works not with my old CS6.

And what I really not like, is a system from Adobe with Abonnements. I think, this abo-system is the only way, to get along with Adobe. And I like it not.

Therefore my question:
What about Affinity Publisher 2?

I heard, this is a very good software, I have read it here also from time to time.
And I can even, if this is correct, import indd-files.

And I can import pdfs and work further with them, if this is also true!?

I made with InDesign a lot of stuff, specially books, leaflets, brochures and so on (but I am sure, I do it not that professional, like "our" Andy (Jingo) does this. :D )

Hence my question: is this nowadays very good with the Affiinity-Publisher?
Can I do  most of the things, what I can do with InDesign?

If so, I really think about to change to Affinity. Because there I can buy a programm without a Abo-System (and even not that expensive).

Thanks for any remarks, tips, experiences.

BTW: I know, I can download a test-version, free. But I am interested to hear your thinking.

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Hi Markus - I've used Affinity Publisher in the past when it was first released and then just last year again just to see what it could do as there aren't many competitors to InDesign on the Market.  It was early, there were bugs and some missing features that I needed in my workflow (Interactive PDF and ePub export for example) so I stopped playing with it.  

As a design tool - it was very good... faster in some areas than InDesign.  But, I use InDesign on an almost daily basis and just my knowledge of the product itself makes it hard to switch to something else.  InDesign just works for me ... and I just know what to do with it so it would take a lot of effort to switch.

TLDR: InDesign is still #1 for me.. but Publisher is a great program and I would recommend it over InDesign for someone that doesn't need advanced export options or is just starting out with publishing.


Thanks, Andy!
This is very interesting for me, because I know, that you do work a lot with InDesign. But I did not know, that you had a look at Affinity Publisher, this makes it even more interesting.

Would I be in your sitiuation, I would also not change of course. But I personally use ID not weekly, but there are times, when I use it daily. And it is for me (even if I have only CS6) a perfect piece of software for designing books and brochures. 

But I want simply not that Abo-System from Adobe. I guess, I will try in the next weeks Affinity for testing, and then decide. At least I can find a lot of good things for Affinity Publisher. 
And that it reads even indd and pdf, is also very good. 

Thanks for jumping in!
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


As usual: Have a deep think to figure out what you need from a DTP application.
Then install Affinity Publisher and see if does what you need and if you like the flow.
-- Mario
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Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)