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Started by hluxem, June 25, 2023, 06:30:49 AM

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The auto fill function is a great enhancement for working with meta data in Imatch 2023.

I worked with a lot with meta data templates in the past, now I prefer the auto fill option for many tasks like filling the location data. The option to create a template from the meta data panel makes it easy to create the initial autofill template. Unfortunately, I believe there is no option to create auto fill entries from values in the panel as we can do for meta data templates. 
I suggest having a button to copy the values in the panel layout to add an auto fill entry. Similar in function as the "Save as template" menu item from the Metadata template button.

Currently I copy the values from the metadata panel to a spreadsheet (2 columns), then copy the values and paste them with transpose to a row and then paste them back to Imatch.
Works, but not the most efficient way.




This sounds easy to do, but is not. At a first brain storm, I came up with this.

- If the MD panel contains a layout that contains tags used by multiple AutoFill (AF) templates, IMatch must present the user with a list to choose from.
- A MD panel layout may contain more tags than the AF template but not loss (or ask the user in that case)?
- A MD panel may use different settings for the "use raw value" than the AF template. This must be checked and the user informed that the MD panel layout is wrong for the AF template.
- The AF template must be search to tell if the current contents of the MD panel already exist (no dupes).

All this requires coding, a lot of UI stuff for prompts, selecting stuff, warnings etc.
Probably a week or so of development time.

I see that this request has 7 likes but no comments. Liking is easy. Users often like "nice to have" requests.

But while thinking about it, I came up with a solution that uses tools already available in IMatch.

I wrote an IMatch DAM Knowledge Base article for this.
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I also thought about posting a similar FR, but can appreciate that this is more difficult to implement than it seems.

And given that there's probably a limited period of time during which such a feature would be beneficial for each user...(after establishing a set of AF templates, they probably become relatively static - used often, but updated/changed infrequently) may not be worth the effort to create the feature.

Thank you Mario for the KB Article giving the procedure for doing this via existing IMatch functionality.