Photos with different formats list as duplicates despite set at same format

Started by Damit, May 25, 2023, 06:36:14 PM

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I can't figure out if I am doing something wrong or if there is a problem with IMatch. I have read the file indexing help section and several posts in this forum and think I am doing things correctly.Yet, IMatch continues to show files that are visually identical and have the same exact title, with the only difference being the type of file (mostly one is a .tiff and the other is a .jpg) as duplicates. The files even display as versions of one another, so it is obvious that they are not duplicates considering my settings.

I have set the Preferences>Indexing set to Assign copies (visually identical, same file format). I do not have any checks on the "All new files"or the "All updated files" of the "Add files to categories" section, nor do I have "all new files" or "All updated files" of the "Add files to collections." Any ideas on what I can change to get these "Duplicates" to stop showing as such? So I have to check the "All new files"or the "All updated files" of the "Add files to categories" section to somehow get IMatch to update the duplicates, removing the aforementioned files?


What do you mean by "Duplicates" to stop showing as such?"

IMatch optionally places files identified as duplicates into a category you choose. The remain there until you remove them. The idea is that the user uses this category to remove duplicates as needed or un-assigns duplicate files he does not longer want to be in that category.

The "Visually duplicate same file format" will flag all files as dupes which look identical, unless they are in the same format.
It appears to work, since there are no other problem reports.

I've tested this by creating a new folder in IMatch and then saving the same image into that folder, once in JPG and once in TIFF format. IMatch did not flag them as duplicate.

I then saved the same image again as a JPG, under another file name.
This JPG was detected as a duplicate (correct) and added to the category I use for duplicates.

This feature is independent from assigning new or updated files to categories.
-- Mario
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