"IMatch could not establish connection with geocoding service at Google Maps"

Started by stahl, May 20, 2023, 10:05:16 PM

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"The server may be unavailable or too busy. Please try again later."
I've been getting this error message for a month now. On the Google pages of the API, there is no notice of any problem like with my account, but I can see an error in their log file at the time I tried to reverse geocode.

Does anybody have this problem, too? Any ideas?


You can see which error in the log file?
IMatch should display the response from Google Maps in both the Output Panel and in the log file.
It would be helpful to know which error message Google returns.
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That was the right tip: There was a link in the log file directing me to a Google page: It turns out Google deactivated the (never used) billing account that is needed to run the geocoding service, because my credit card expired in April ...
It's working again now. Thanks!