dpreview.com shutting down

Started by Mario, March 21, 2023, 06:06:54 PM

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dpreview.com was the initial 'official' support board for IMatch until I set up the first dedicated community server.
I've always kept an eye on that site, in case somebody asked a question about IMatch I could answer.

Amazon announced plans to cut about 10,000 jobs end of last year. I never anticipated that this would affect a prominent site like dpreview.com. Sad.

Some more background info here.


Too bad - thanks for the info.
dpreview is/was really great. A lot of very sophisticated users.

If I have lerned one thing in my life: nothing is forever, unfortunately.

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Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Very unfortunate! One of the few photo web sites (including its forums) that I bothered to check regularly. 


I agree. And apparently, even the existing content will only be available for a limited time.
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Hopefully the Internet Archive is fast enough. Else a massive lot of valuable information will be lost forever.


Really sad when a big specialty site like DPR gets bought by a big giant and then gets shut down... really sad.  Off to find the next best site..