If you send emails from outlook.com and expect a reply from me...

Started by Mario, March 08, 2023, 08:14:38 PM

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... forget it.

For some reason unknown to me, my support email and private email from photools.com and even my extra personal email from German Telekom is blocked when I use them to reply to users contacting me from outlook.com.

Of course, this is 2023, and I could not find a contact email address at outlook.com or Microsoft.
Just lalala general tips and nonsense. My mail server is configured correctly and uses all the modern "I'm legit" technologies like DKIM and SPC and whatnot.

The funny thing is, when somebody contacts me with an outlook.com email, I have no way to tell him or her why he/she gets no support or replies from me :-X
Probably outlook.com will not tell them either that it has rejected emails.

It's the same with gmail.com. They often silently delete emails sent by this community. And there is nobody to contact about it. Just stupid bots and canned replies.

On the other hand, gmail.com and outlook.com email addresses are used in over 90% of the SPAM bot registrations in this community...

If Microsoft and Google would just tell me why they consider my replies to users asking questions as SPAM, I could probably fix it. But they don't have abuse addresses or similar to resolve such things.

At some point, Google will only accept emails from gmail.com and selected partners (aka companies paying them money for delivering their SPAM emails and showing ads) and Microsoft will only accept emails from outlook.com and "selected partners" (aka companies paying them money to deliver their SPAM email and ads).

I already employ a specialized email service when sending out the rare "IMatch Update Available, Get Your Discount" emails. I have to pay for each email (!) but at least about 25% of them are delivered. I repeat this 3 times, to reach about 50% - 60% of the IMatch user base.

If sending an email would cost 0.1 or 1 cent, we would get rid of losts of SPAM very quickly. I don't send many emails and would get by with 1 dollar a day.

Carlo Didier

Yeah, unfortunately, spam filters have become a necessity, but very often they overshoot.
I have emails from my own domain ending in .lu for Luxembourg systematically put into the spam folder at our local council with the note "[SPAM][Country not allowed]" put into the subject. Maybe because the domain is .lu and the mail server sits in Germany ... but who knows? What's unusual with that combination? My company that I worked for also has a .lu domain with mail server hosted in the cloud on Microsoft servers in Germany. Nothing special about that, right?


SPAM filters are not perfect. But given that about 90% to 95% of all emails sent these days are SPAM, they are a necessity.

But I would like that the door keeper companies like gmail.com, Outlook.com, comcast etc. offer a free and easily to access way to determine why an email of me has been blocked. And that I have a way to appeal.

Otherwise the 3 or 4 big mail providers can basically decide, at a whim, to ruin small online business by no longer delivering their email. Without any accountability. They just say "The SPAM filter did it, for reasons" and "We cannot afford personell to deal with appeals or explaining to people why we blocked their email. Our AI is always right. Deal with it".

I tried two mail servers (my mail server and the German Telekom server) and outlook.com rejected both. It was a simple reply, no attachments, plan text email. Nothing I can do.


Hallo Mario,

ich hatte das Problem mit den GMail-Adressen letzte Woche auch mit unserem Server vom Verein.
Auch hier war es auf einmal nicht mehr möglich gmail-Adressenzu erreichen.
Hatte mich dann an den Provider gewendet und er hat mir mitgeteilt, ich solle die nachfolgenden Angaben im DNS meiner Domain eintragen.

Name: _dmarc
Typ: TXT
DATA: v=DMARC1; p=none;
Name: <leer>
Typ: TXT
DATA: v=spf1 a mx ?all

Außerdem wurde noch DKIM aktiviert.

Evtl. hilft dir dies ja weiter.

Gruß Christopher
Regards Christopher

I have troubled the search, have found, unfortunately, nothing, perhaps, I have looked for the wrong concept.
Excuse for my English


Vielen Dank.
Ich habe aber für meinen Mailserver DMARC, SPF und DKIM schon viele Jahre eingerichtet.
Daran kann es nicht liegen.
Lt. der Ergebnisse von https://mxtoolbox.com/ ist alles OK. Records korrekt gesetzt, nicht auf einer Blacklist usw.