How to make clean reinstall?

Started by mastodon, February 27, 2023, 10:24:53 PM

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I have a bug in my system, that prevent anyone to access IMatch Webviewer from even my network. I can access it on the server via http://myserver:8081/imatchviewer/#!/imatch, but not from any other phone or PC in the network. I have messed up some settings. After a normal reinstall, I got back my old settings.
How can I make a clean install of IMatch Webviewer?


Using http://myserver:8081/  requires that all other computers in your network know how to resolve the computer name myserver to the real IP address. If all computers in your network are Windows, this will work. Linux probably too.
But if you have Apple devices, it will not  work. Since Apple, being Apple, does not do mundane things like proper name resolution.

In that case you need to configure IMatch WebViewer to use the actual IP address (in the config file, see IMWS help) of the compute running IMWS. So, something like  or similar.

On Windows, you can use the command

ping -4 myserver

on a command prompt to figure out the IP address.
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Thanks, I have tried it with IP address, it does not works either. Maybe the firewall settings got wrong, that is why I want a clean install.


What is the problem, exactly?

When you try to open IMatch WebViewer, does this work, but WebViewer cannot connect to IMWS?
Or does IMatch WebViewer not start at all?

You can check the firewall settings via START menu and then search for advanced firewall. The required settings (which are automatically created when IMatch Anywhere is installed) are explained in the IMatch Anywhere help, with screen shots.

Unless you have manually changed the firewall settings, the defaults created when IMA is installed should work just fine.

In the browser, enter this URL


and also


If the second works but the first does not, the problem is name resolution in your network.
If the second does not work, the PC on which you tried cannot connect to IMWS or IMWS is not running.
Try the same with a browser on the computer running IMWS.

Tip: Open the developer tools in the browser with <F12>. Then open IMatch Anywhere WebViewer. The "Network" tab in the developer tools will show the browser loading pages and resources and trying to connect to IMWS. If there are lines in red, they indicate the source of the problem.
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