"Check for update" vs updated app

Started by Tony, February 06, 2023, 11:40:58 AM

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I am on IMatch 2021.18.3 and if I use Help->"Check for update..." I get a pop-up saying that the installed version of IMatch is up-to-date.

If I use the "IMatch Updater" app I can see that a new version of IMatch is available (2021.18.4) and can be downloaded via the customer portal. I am on a trial license and don't have access to the customer portal.

Why do the different tools show different results? Is this a bug or a side effect of that I'm on a trial license?


2021.18.3 is a trial version of IMatch. Odd version numbers indicate trial versions.
This is the latest trial version. It matches the licensed version 2021.18.4 (even version numbers are used for licensed versions).

The Updater app only checks for licensed versions, it cannot download or update trial versions.
The Check for Update command in the Help menu also checks only for licensed versions.

A trial runs for 30 days. It is unlikely that you will have to install an update in that period. If this would happen, you could just download the latest trial from my web site.
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Thanks for the explanation. I expected it to have something to do with my trial license but I was unaware of the odd/even version numbering. I only noticed this while checking out the different available apps, that's all.