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Started by OffPeak, January 26, 2023, 06:43:22 PM

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I've been geolocating countless scanned photos lately, and frequently enter something in "Find Location".
It would be helpful (to me) if there was a drop-down in that entry box showing what has been entered recently (like many other drop-down boxes).


Are all these locations / search terms different? In that case a history would be flooded and older entries would vanish quickly...

Maybe instead keep a list of recent locations ("search strings") in IMatch Notepad for a quick copy & paste?
Or create Locations you can quickly reuse and re-apply?
-- Mario
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It seems like I enter the same ones over and over again, as go through (family) scans.  I don't know if that's typical. 
If it had 7 - 10 previous entries, it might save (me) 50% of my entry time.  I'm about done scanning, so I personally probably won't get much more benefit from it.
I have kept some more frequent strings in Notepad, but...
Didn't know about creating locations; that might have helped.  I, like probably most Imatch users, probably don't use much more than 10% of the features!  I learn more as I use it more.

Another thing that I noticed, is that if I type something in the box, and hit RETURN, it kicks me out of that window, back to the map panel.  I seem to hit RETURN a lot.


If you frequently use several sets of locations (country/state/city/location and possibly coordinates) you might consider using Metadata Templates that assign all those (repeating) metadata tags. That makes it quick and easy to assign the data. Setup is pretty straightforward. 


7 to 10 different locations can be handled by

1) IMatch Locations like I suggested or
2) Metadata Templates as John suggested

Every time you do repeating work, IMatch has features to help with that.

If you already have a file placed at a GPS coordinate, you can right-click the file flag and create a location from that file.
Maybe make some adjustments and save it.
Now you can apply the same location quickly in the future to other files.

I would consider it 10 minutes well spent learning about IMatch Locations.

You can "goto" locations quickly in the Map Panel. You can find files nearby a location. You can filter files by their location.
Applying a location to a file can also set the location data like country, city etc., add keywords and so one.
A real time-saver.
-- Mario
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