File Relations: How to create an all manual file version rule

Started by Mario, November 12, 2013, 04:26:47 PM

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Sometimes you may want to create a version to link two or more files, e.g. to make one file a visual proxy for another. But maybe you don't want IMatch to link the files automatically, or none of the methods offered to automatically link files works for your situation.

In such cases you can setup a manual only file relation rule.

  • Create a new version relation name it e.g. "Manual Proxy".
  • In the Link via drop-down control, select manual only.
  • On the Versioning tab, choose the options as needed.
This creates a version rule which can be applied only via the corresponding Create manual version link command from the right-click context menu (or the <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<M> keyboard shortcut.

To link two files, select the version and then the master (because the focused file will become the master) and then press <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<M>. IMatch links the two files and marks them as master and version, respectively. The propagation rules or uses you have chosen for the file relation rule will be applied as usual.

When to use

You can use this if your specific file layout prevents IMatch from automatically finding masters and versions.
Or use this type of file relation if you want to link files manually only, or you want a separate master-version setup for some special cases.
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