Retain the Ignored state for Face Annotations during copy/paste between files

Started by Tveloso, December 14, 2022, 03:01:10 AM

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If we have a series of photos showing the same 10 people, and in the first file we Confirm 4 of them, and Ignore the other 6...when we then copy and paste those annotations into the next file, the Ignored state is removed from the pasted annotations...(and IMatch may even suggest people to assign to those faces - which will be incorrect, since they are faces we have not created persons for, and want to ignore).

So we must Ignore those 6 faces again in each file we paste them into, creating extra work.

I would like to request that the Ignored state be retained when Ignored Faces are pasted into other files.


A ignored face is a region where IMatch has detected a face, but the user has decided to ignore the face instead of deleting the face annotation. This retains the information that there is a face at that location, but IMatch will not further process it to find a person.

Copying a ignored face annotation to another image is not something I anticipated users doing.
But probably this makes sense in situations where images are very similar - like in series of image of a group, to get at least one image where all eyes are open ;D

I will change the paste operation to keep the ignored state. IMatch must still search for a face in the region, but even if it finds a face, it will keep the ignored state.

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