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Started by cg, December 05, 2022, 01:23:59 AM

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I'm wondering if the functionality could be added (or perhaps already exists) to right-click on a category name in the Categories Panel to copy the text of that category name to the clipboard.

In my workflow, when adding the Location to old photographs, I try to maintain consistency of Location names (for example St. Andrew vs Saint Andrew), so I find myself tabbing from the Metadata panel to the Categories Panel and using the search box at the bottom to find that exact Location name as tagged in previous photos. To get this information to the new photo, I need to then select the category, Ctrl-G to go to the files in that Location category, (usually turn off the filters), tab to metadata, select the text in the Location tag and Ctrl-C copy, navigate back to the my current work picture, and paste the Location into the field. This works, but it seems like a lot of clicking back and forth between files to get the text into the clipboard, when it's already on the screen in the Categories Panel.

I notice there is already a similar function in the Category View, however the category view is not searchable, and the Clipboard-Copy Category function copies the whole hierarchy, when I just need the text from selected level.

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So, for instance, an option in the contextual menu in the above image would copy "Washington Monument" to the clipboard. (I notice the categories in the panel are all lower case, whereas the metadata itself may contain uppercase letters, which may complicate this.)

If there is a more efficient way to accomplish this workflow that already exists, I would love to know about it.

Thank you!


To copy a category name into the Clipboard, press <Ctrl>+<C>.
This copies the full category name as text into the clipboard.
You can also select multiple categories (on the same level) and press <Ctrl>+<Ct> to copy all their names into the Windows clipboard.

QuoteI notice there is already a similar function in the Category View, however the category view is not searchable

Open the Category Filter in the Category View (below the Category tree on the left) to search for categories and to filter categories: The Category Filter Tab

Maybe consider to create some Category Favorites to quickly assign frequently used categories with a click or keyboard shortcut.

To copy categories from one image to one or more other images, select the image and press <Ctrl>+<C>.
Select the target files and press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<V>. In the dialog box, set a check for the Categories entry at the top.

See Copying Attributes, Metadata and Categories Between Files

Note that you can assign the same categories to multiple files by selecting all files and then assigning the categories.

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