Playing videos directly in IMatch

Started by Carbo69, November 12, 2022, 02:10:23 PM

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Currently you can only see video with external apps.
It would be nice if the player could play the videos directly.

To allow slideshows mixing the 2 types for example.


Video files are a patent and royalty minefield. HEIC/HEIF too.

I cannot even afford to pay a law firm which could setup the required deals and agreements with the MPEG and other parties. Nor can I afford to pay the annual royalties per IMatch user to the MPEG and other parties so IMatch users can watch videos in IMatch.
The MPEG makes exceptions for open source and free software (usually). But IMatch is considered a 'commercial' product and hence I would be required to enter into agreements with the MPEG and pay royalties for each users. Can't do, sorry.

There are many free and paid video players, even one included in Windows. Only press <Alt>+<Enter> to play the video focused in the File Window in whatever video player you configure as the default player for the format.
The free ClipChamp editor in Windows allows you to edit and mix videos, as does the free Blender and many other software.
-- Mario
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