Red Color Bar Under Star Rating

Started by jldodge, September 18, 2022, 01:45:36 PM

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I have a red bar under the star rating for 1 NEF pic. I cannot figure out what that means OR how to reset it. There is nothing wrong with the pic (as far as I can tell) and none of the other pics have a similar red bar. Can someone explain what the bar means and how I can reset it? Thanks in advance ...


Looks like that NEF was given a CATEGORY in IM and you have color-coding turned on... check this help for more details and see if you have assigned a category to your image:

Good Luck!


Tip: click on the image with the bar and open the Categories Panel. Click on the Current tab in that panel to see all categories assigned to the file, and their color-coding.

The images look very similar, so probably the image has been marked as a duplicate. IMatch can automatically check images for duplicates during import, depending on your settings. See Searching for Duplicate Files

If you regularly shoot series of images with only minimal differences, you might want to set this to binary identical to avoid false positives or turn the automatic dupe check off.
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