Why no signatures?

Started by Mario, September 08, 2022, 10:29:31 PM

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I have been asked why new users cannot create signatures (like the one I have, see below).
The answer is simple: Bad, bad people.

This nice little community is frequently hammered by SPAM bots or real low-paid human workers, trying to create accounts just in order to post links to shady web sites selling drugs and other nasty things. Or they plan on posting propaganda or phishing links.

We cannot have that, obviously.

That's why we have strict rules (moderation of the first few posts for new users) etc. BIG thanks to the moderators for keeping this community a nice and friendly place!

This is also why we have don't allow signatures for new users. Because, signatures have been abused in the past to include links to virus-infected web sites, phishing sites, porn sites and whatnot. It's just not worth it.
-- Mario
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