Dutch translation missing in gallery layout in file window

Started by Mees Dekker, September 04, 2022, 07:51:52 PM

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Mees Dekker

I don't use the gallery lay-out in the file window often, but today I discovered that the Dutch translation of that lay-out is missing. This bug may be there for some time.

See attached screenshot. You can switch back to another lay-out though. But if you wait too long, Imatch crashes.


Looking at the source, there are only resources for en, pt and de. No nl.

Not sure why IMatch should crash, though. By default, it uses the en resources when there are no resources for the selected language.

I tried to reproduce the problem.
I do get an error message about the resource file not being found (this is a left-over from testing and should not be included in the IMatch version delivered to users). I have remove that prompt for the next release.

I've used the gallery layout for some time, switching between folders, loading a couple of hundred files every time. No crash. How do you produce the crash?
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Mees Dekker

I'm not sure the crash was induced by this lay-out, but it occurred very soon after I tried to enlarge the font size of the footer text in the gallery lay-out.

Apparently I never translated this app; probably overlooked it. I'll work on this.