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Started by Rene Toepfer, August 19, 2022, 10:52:30 AM

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Rene Toepfer


how can I exclude specific files from importing? In my case I have catalogue files of C1 (cocatalogdb) which are not neccesarry to get imported. I can only prevent to import specific folders at tab "Indizierung" of the settings.



cocatalogdb is not a format IMatch imports - assuming this is the actual file extension?
IMatch does not import catalog files or other proprietary files produced by some RAW processors by default.
Tip: You might want to setup a Buddy Files relation, f these files should move with their corresponding images.

See also: File Formats

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cocatalogdb is the extension Capture One uses for its own catalogues (= database of managed pictures). Thus, a Buddy File relation would not make much sense as it is not related to a specific image.
But Rene, I would not put a C1 catalogue in the same directory as the pictures that are managed by it (just as little as you should put the IMatch DB in the same folder as the files it manages). Is there a specific reason that you try to manage the directory that contains the C1 catalogue in IMatch at all?
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Rene Toepfer

My directory structure is as follows:

That's the structure I use since appx two decades and worked very well all over these years with Bibble, LR and C1. If I import a project into IM, I select <projekt> and drag'n'drop it into IM. I will not separate the catalogue file from the related project for backup reason. With my structure I have a closed system for each project, no general catalogue file.

cocatalogdb is a database file of Capture1 (in other cases there is also cosessiondb for sessions). It is part of the IM catalogue, see attachement. Of coure IM does not show there content but I could manage them just like any other file (e.g. exe, dll). I am aware that it does not make sense to manage a db file in another db - that's the reason for asking to prevent import of this file format.
But it's not just about the C1 catalogue file. How can I prevent to import file formats I can set by myself? For folders I can set what should not be imported. In my use case I just want to get image and video files to be imported into IM.


IMatch does not index files with the extension .cocatalogdb
IMatch only indexes known file formats (Edit > Preferences > File Formats) and formats defined by the user. Did you add .cocatalogdb as a user-defined format perhaps?
All files with extension not included in the system set or user-defined set are skipped during indexing.

For testing, I've created a "c:\data\images\Test" folder.
Below that, a "London" folder, containing London.cocatalogdb and albert-memorial.jpg
I drag the Test folder into IMatch.
This is what I see in Windows Explorer:

This is what IMatch produces after indexing:

Only the image is indexed, the .cocatalogdb is ignored, as it should be.

Anything special you do?
Check that you did not add this extension under Edit > Preferences > File Formats as a user-defined format.
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Rene Toepfer

Great, thanks, that's it!
I was not aware anymore that I have added the catalogue files there. Afterwards deleting this file format and removal of added files from IM, they will not be added anymore.