GPX Track Log Import (Time Stamp threshold)?

Started by akirot, July 17, 2022, 12:32:14 PM

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Using the Map panel I assign coordinates to photos taken using gpx track logs.
Sometimes the track logs have gaps (due to low batteries or no satellite fix).
Independently of the duration of a gap IMatch apparently interpolates between the last and next successful fix.
This leads (in my current scenario) to totally wrong results.
Isn't there an option to adjust a threshold between the GPX and file time stamp?
I can't find it. (I think I remember there was an option - or was it Geosetter?)
The IMatch option to generally apply an offset does not help in this case.

I'm totally fine with not assigning coordinates if the time difference is too large.
Thus I know where to "repair" manually.

Interpolating silently assigns wrong coordinates and it is almost impossible to identify the affected files.
(Currently I'm working on thousands of images of a four weeks expedition.)

How can this be circumvented or is this a  feature request candidate (user configurable threshold)?


Something similar was never been reported or I have forgotten about it.
If your track logs are not in a good shape, maybe use one of the specialized track log applications, apps or services to correct them? Like, splitting the track logs into several logs?

I generally don't see a need to try and re-implement each and every feature highly-specialized apps like GeoSetter or dedicated GPS track tools provide.
If you need something special that is not covered by IMatch, it is usually very easy to use software specialized to the task.

Behind each of these applications at least one programmer does the work. And can concentrate only on that particular topic, like working with GPS coordinates or working with track logs.
Behind IMatch also works one developer, who has to do it all. And track log import is a sub-feature of GPS management which is a sub-feature of the Map Panel, which is a feature of IMatch. Dealing with broken track logs would be something not many users need, I guess...

That being said, feel free to post a feature request.
Include details about how the track log import should deal with your broken tracks. Just stop importing when the time distance is too much? This would not be too hard, I guess.
Break up the single track log file into multiple tracks, with multiple start and end points, when the clock in your device lost track and time stamps differ too much? This would be much more work.
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