Imatch 2021.16.4; what happened to Dutch language?

Started by Mees Dekker, June 08, 2022, 07:36:30 PM

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Mees Dekker

Just downloaded and installed 2021.16.4

I still can choose Dutch as a language, but the language remains English after restarting IMatch. German and Portuguese can be selected and Imatch switches to these languages alright. Dutch however seems to have vanished.


I haven' changed anything. But looking at the -nl resource file, it seems to be empty?
Not sure how this has happened. I have integrated the last resource file from you (3. of June) and then never looked at it again. This usually works automatically as part of the build process. Very strange.

Users who work with the NL translation can just download the attached resource file.
Expand the ZIP file to a folder on your disk and then copy the imatchres-nl.json into the C:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\resources folder on your disk.

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Mees Dekker

Strange indeed. But the download works as expected. Thanks for the swift reply