Author Topic: Favorite pointing to Category based event shows "Unassign" and "assign" option  (Read 99 times)


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Very minor problem:

For FAVORITES pointing to events based on a selection of files we now have the option of
Adding and removing files to the event (via click/shift click). GREAT!!

However this option should not be shown/available for category based events.
 (Right clicking does show the option though it does not work).

Mind you - it could be made to work by assigning/un-assigning the category the event is based on.
(If more than one category then select the first.)

PS: I have not tried this for time based events.


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You should get a beep sound. I did not bother hiding or disabling the menus, because finding out the event a favorite links to is kinda expensive and could cause performance issues when opening the context-menu of an event.
If this kind of detail is really important for multiple users, let me know via a feature request.
Currently I consider this as a wont't fix.