Connection problems to database

Started by nbagno, May 21, 2022, 06:30:26 PM

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A couple of friends cannot connect to the database, both are apple laptops. No error, just gets the splash screen that just sits there.

I can connect via:
My Mac desktop
My Ipad
My Iphone
My Windows PC
The friends can connect with their iPhones.

No idea why these two machines cannot connect. My license is for 2, but it's not a license error and they are on the same wifi as the server.  I've tried to restart the server and clear the browser history on the guest's laptop but no go. Also tried both Chrome and safari, same issue.

PS, the link to the FAQ does not seem to work.  This is the sticky link from the top of the forum page.


The FAQ is now here:
I've updated the link in the sticky post, thanks for letting me know.

Since you can connect, but your friends via their iPhones cannot: Are your friends connected to your Wi-Fi (local network)?
If they are not, they connecting attempts will come "from the Internet" to your PC (via the mobile network) - and this is (and rightfully so!) blocked by the Windows firewall.
Windows does not allow computers from the Internet to connect to your PC, this would be very dangerous.


Friends can connect with iphones... and the two mac laptops are on the same wifi. I just can't figure out why the iphones can connect but the two mac laptops can't. I can even pull out my work laptop (pc) and connect no problem. We're all on the same network :-| weird


Apple computers and normal (aka non-Apple) networks are usually special.
Apple devices don't support the standard name resolution in Windows networks, which means you have to use the IP address of the server running IMWS, and also configure IMatch Anywhere WebViewer to use the IP adress to connect to IMWS. The FAQ explains the details.