How to import XMP labels from your favorite image editor or RAW editor

Started by Mario, October 31, 2013, 07:00:40 PM

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You can configure the names and colors used for XMP labels in IMatch under Edit > Preferences > Metadata.

By default, IMatch ships with a set of frequently used label names. If your application uses different label names, IMatch imports and displays these labels, but will not be able to associate a color with the label name.

To solve this, click on the Import button. This imports all label names from the database into the label name list. You can then assign a color that matches the color used by the application which uses that label. This way you see the same colors in IMatch and the other application.

Tip: Move the most often used labels to the top of the list. The first five labels can be assigned using the <Shift>+<1> ... <Shift>+<5> keys.

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