[UE] Export to Text isn't exporting Keywords

Started by Stevef48, May 08, 2022, 07:59:47 PM

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I'm trying to regenerate a list of images with their keywords. This used to work, but I added Date Digitized to the output and now the list only shows the File Name and Date. There are three field headings, but the third field is empty.
The fields being exported are:
What am I doing wrong?



You don't export keywords.

You export {File.MD.xpkeywords}, which is a non-standard Microsoft metadata tag Windows XP used back in the day - and Microsoft aborted long ago and never really supported anyway.

If you want to export keywords, use {File.MD.XMP::Lightroom\hierarchicalSubject\HierarchicalSubject\0} or the ShortCode {File.MD.hierarchicalkeywords}
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