{Renamer.Group.Count} limited to 999 groups?

Started by Pawel, January 30, 2022, 08:03:53 AM

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Is there a limit of 999 groups when using {Renamer.Group.Count} variable? I tried to rename 5006 files - two files per group and name them using {Renamer.Group.Count|numformat:int,05} expression - and in Renamer's preview I see that after processing 1998 files the group counter resets to 1 and all subsequent groups are numbered with number 1.


Try cast:int. Without it: 998,999,1,000 (or 1.000, depending on your locale). Maybe this is the reason?
I see no limit in the code, so...
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You were right, using {Renamer.Group.Count|cast:int;numformat:int,05} did the trick.