Variable/Tag Selector Dialog - Ability to customize font color/selection

Started by Darius1968, January 04, 2022, 04:45:31 PM

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As someone with some vision issues, I have been searching for a suitable Windows color theme to cause less eye-strain, associated with cataracts and light sensitivity. 
This is the result on IMatch's variable/tag selector: 

For me (I don't know for how many other IMatch users), it would help out a lot if there was the possibility for the user to customize the colors of these fonts to adjust for higher contrast. 

Those who agree can hopefully endorse.  Thanks! 


If that helps people with vision problems and it is feasible for Mario, then I can support that.

For myself, fortunately, it's not a problem.

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Despite this drawing apparently zero interest, I decided to implement it. I was working on Application preferences anyway, and adding a set of Accent Colors was not that much extra work.
See #1632 in for details.
-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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