Cut (Inside IMatch) & Past (Outside Of IMatch)

Started by Darius1968, January 03, 2022, 08:15:22 AM

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Just now, I did  (inside IMatch) a Cut (Ctrl+X), and (outside of IMatch) a Paste (Ctrl+V), into a folder not indexed in the DB. 
So, figuring on what I just did, one would/should conclude that there is a file that I no longer want/need in my DB, but I still want to save. 

I expected that after I used File Explorer to paste in the file to its new folder, it would be gone from the former folder that was indexed in IMatch.  But, no.  It wasn't. 
Now, I just verified that if I do the entire Cut/Paste operation outside of IMatch, the whole way, then indeed, the file will be gone from its former folder, and now reside in its new folder. 
So, what's going on here?  This idiosyncrasy is repeatable.   


This does not work the way you think it should work.
You cannot simple cut a file out of IMatch. IMatch protects your data by transforming this info a copy operation.

1. Think about why you want to do this. It is quite common that you actively move assets out of an IMatch database.
2. When you are sure you want to do this:
2. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V the file into whatever non-managed folder you want.
3. Delete the file in the IMatch database. This will also delete all associated data, categories and Attributes.

When you move the file outside of IMatch, IMatch will also retrain the file (off-line) in the database to protect the associated metadata, Attributes and categories.
Only when you perform an explicit rescan of the containing folder afterwards, the file is removed.
This way you can undo accidental moves without data loss by moving the file back or by using Relocate.


Thanks for the explanation. 

Quote from: Mario on January 03, 2022, 08:49:52 AM
Only when you perform an explicit rescan of the containing folder afterwards, the file is removed.
And, that is exactly what happened.  When I deliberately rescanned the folder, after IMatch flagged the file as offline. 

So, with that thought in mind, if a folder-rescan is subsequently triggered because a new file is deposited therein, would that offline file, consequently, be deleted?  Or, does that only happen when that folder is rescanned by the user? 


When I rescan a folder with off-line files, they are removed. Just tried. Works well. Folder with off-line files. Select folder. Shift+F5. Off-line files gone.
Files will not be removed when IMatch rescans the folder.
Please refer to File Management in IMatch and don't work against the system by manipulating managed files and folders outside of IMatch.
I cannot think of or care for anything users can come up with when they make experiments.