Show file ID for endpoints within iMatch

Started by ben, December 28, 2021, 04:17:19 PM

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Merry christmas to all of you.

Many endpoints use the parameter 'id' to specify which files should be processed.
Now, for debugging purposes it's sometimes easier to address files directly.

Is it possible to show this 'id' information somewhere within iMatch (e.g. panels, variables, ...)?

Thanks for your help.



Hi Ben - are you referring to just gathering details about the currently selected images?  If so, you can use many of the sample apps to show the ID of the selected or focused images.. for example, the APP SPY app will show this as will the file apps...  it is also very simple to write your own app to show as much info as you'd like to see the file id, filename, etc for the selected apps.


You can use the variable {File.OID} returns the id value.
You can use it in VarToy, show it in a File Window layout (as part of a custom template), etc.

The FileData app shows this value (and all other info) for the currently selected file, and allows you to display data by entering an id.
The FileFinder app allows you to find files by id.
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Thanks so much.
All of your hints worked.
I find the FileData app the most convenient (never used it before).