Timeline view: moving the mouse over images makes them disappear briefly

Started by mulomulo, October 13, 2021, 12:32:47 AM

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Has anyone else noticed this? When I am in the timeline view and move the mouse over the images, then the image that is under the mouse will turn black, and then come back, sometimes blinking once or twice. It's just a minor irritation, but what causes this? This doesn't happen in other views (Categories, Folders etc. ).

This may have been answered before, in which case: please excuse my inability to search properly.


With Timeline View do you mean the "Timeline View" or the timeline inside the Events View?

Which images do you mean? The images shown in the File Window or the images shown when you set the Event View to show cover files / persons?

I have just tried both Views and modes, and I see no flickr or anything. The event tiles become slightly lighter when you move the mouse over them (by design).


I did mean the "Timeline View" tab. I did mean the thumbnails, which, as you say, get a slightly lighter background when hovering over them (looks nice!). And I must admit: after re-opening iMatch, it all looks perfect now. I had various search windows open and am not sure what might have happened in the background. I will try and reproduce this. I am sorry for this premature question.


Thumbnails in File Window may

a) Appear blurred (short time) while IMatch is ingesting the files and uses a temporary proxy thumbnail
b) For video files, IMatch displays a short sequence of images when you place the mouse cursor over the image  (see: Video Files)

That's the only reasons I can see for an effect as you have described it. This was never reported before, so I have no idea, really.