Tag Manager does not function like Tag Selector using Display Tag Keys option

Started by Tveloso, October 12, 2021, 05:34:32 AM

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When we check the Display and search tag keys CheckBox in the Tag Selector dialog, the "fully qualified" Tag identifiers are shown (the same identifiers we see in the Metadata Panel tooltips, and in Variables):


...but when we click the Display Group ids and tag keys CheckBox in Tag Manager, the tags do not include that level of detail:


The same it true of the Tag Identifiers returned to a Value Filter...for example, if I open the Tag Selector from a Value Filter, and select the QuickTime::ItemList\1.1\ContentIdentifier\0 Tag, the identifier returned to the Value Filter is not the "fully qualified" Tag Name:


Might this be a small bug?


Not a bug, just a design decision at the time.
The routines which format tags had no special case for id\tag only for group\id\tag, id and tag.
I have now implemented the id\tag variant and use them for the Tag Manager.
-- Mario
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