One way to rearrange your thesaurus

Started by dp7602, September 15, 2021, 12:17:11 PM

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Hi everybody !

Since I wanted to clean the list of keywords I use, I had to find a way to do it as efficiently as possible.
Ok, before Imatch 2021 and the introduction of the drag & drop feature in the thesaurus manager, it wasn't easy.
The drag & drop feature is nice but I found easier to do it as follow.

- export the thesaurus in a txt file;
- create as many txt files as needed with the Notepad to match groups of keywords your need ([Where], [Who], [When], and so on);
- open the txt file with the exported thesaurus;
- open the different txt files ([Where], [Who], [When,...);
- select, drag & drop in the appropriate txt file keywords or a group of keywords you want to rearrange;

After the work is finished, copy the content of each small file in a new thesaurus file as txt.

In Imatch, import the thesaurus from this txt file. Done.


Thanks for sharing.

Note that capable text editors allow you to move entire blocks of text withing the file easily - which saves you the trouble of working with multiple files.
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But I found easier for me to use several small files opened side by side. I could avoid a lot of scrolling up and down in a rather large document.