Automatic Propagating data to versions not working for all tags

Started by abgestumpft, September 14, 2021, 02:53:36 PM

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with IMatch 2021.08.10 (don't know if this behavior existed also in older versions):

I have setup buddy files for Olympus in settings:
ORF Buddy Files:      ^(_*{name})[+\-_]*[0-9|a-z]*\.(jpg|jpeg|dng|orf\.dop|afphoto|ori)$
Olympus Versioning: ^(_*{name})[+\-_]*[0-9|a-z]*\.(jpg|jpeg|dng|afphoto|ori)$

For Versioning I have configured to propagate:
-File Protection
-XMP Keywords
-XMP Location Data

The issue I have now is:
When I e.g. change the Rating of the Master file, it is automatically propagated to all its versions (works as expected)

BUT for other data like:
When I add a keyword, XMP Location information (City, Location, Country,...), GPS info,... this is not automatically propagated.
What I need to do here is to go via: "Commands -> Relations -> Propagate Data to versions" -> afterwards data is correctly propagated.

Is this working as designed and I'm missing something?


Remember that there are a lot of tags (especially most of the XMP tags) that are only propagated when you perform a metadata write-back. These are marked with an star. See the foot note in the "Waht to propagate" section of the versioning definition.
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Many of the tags you propagate are propagate during write-back (when you write back the master).
These are marked with a *.
Please see the IMatch help for details: Metadata Propagation
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Hi thrinn, Hi Mario,

thanks a lot for your quick replies.
I can confirm that all affected metadata are "*"-Metadata -> works as designed.