Author Topic: Display Monitor Options: 4K, 27", IPS, Wide Gamut  (Read 119 times)


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Display Monitor Options: 4K, 27", IPS, Wide Gamut
« on: September 05, 2021, 04:58:53 AM »
I'm obviously in the market for a new monitor.  It would be ideal, if I can replace my 32" Samsung, with another 32" option, but I can settle for a 27", to fit my budget, which is USD $350-$450, but I'm willing to possibly, consider options that are a little bit above that. 

Specifically, I'm interested in something that has a wide color gamut, is 4K, with an IPS panel.  As I'm mostly interested in the best "bang for buck", in terms of color fidelity, and dynamic range, things that interest gamers:  ie., refresh rates, and the like, aren't as important to me. 

I know this question is not totally on topic, with this forum, but I'm sure it is of interest to others here, and I greatly appreciate any and all input!  Also, I do appreciate, in addition to the mentions of specific makes and models, elsewhere-forums that might be relevant to my quest. 



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Re: Display Monitor Options: 4K, 27", IPS, Wide Gamut
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2021, 10:10:46 AM »
I  have no answer or hint, sorry.
Recently I bougth a new one, for the studio, but to be honest (I am at home now), I do not know the name.  :-[

That brings me to my personal thoughts about monitors. Some years ago I bought monitos from Eizo, because they were famous for good colors and color-ranges.
And they were very expensive.
And I did a lot of RGB-stuff, like Adobe RGB, ECI, srRG and so on to catch the best color-RGB-spectrum, and I did monitor - calibration with spider and other stuff.
A lot of money and a lot of time.

But I have lerned (for me, mind), that most professional collegues (photographers) and even more professional graphic artists, they don't even care.
They have a RGB-range, with what they work, and do all convert with one button.
Calibration? Nope. Check images with e.g. 5500 Kelvin? Nope.
Working in a good lighting environment? Nope, depends on random.

Of course they are some exceptions, like always in the life, but these artists or "perfect" people are seldom.

Nowadays I do not more look for RGB. I go with Adobe RGB and that's it.
I do also no more calibration. Instead I have some pictures, where I do check the brightness and colors and change maybe something, if necessary.

What I do not: I do never buy smaller monitors, as I have now. It would be a step back, and for me frustrating.
I do work with two monitors, because that is cool, very cool, specially with soft software like IMatch, you can have panels on one monitor, and the main stuff on the other. Also with photoshop. Really cool.
The only issue here: My two monitors have different resolution, and this is not good. You can enlarge the fonts by windows or in the software itself, you have usually some problems.
In IMatch some problems Mario solved with some preferences for "bigger icons", as an example. But there are nevertheless some problems, like in the file-window for text or Design and Print.
But such problems I have also with photoshop, or Cura-slicer, InDesign or Blender. Hence this is generally a problem and I would solve it with two monitors with the same resolution (not necessaraly with the same size).

On thing I have not tried to replace two monitors with one: the very wide monitors, what are in fact, if you would cut it in the vertical middle, two monitors.
I do not know, if these kind of monitors are a good thing to use.

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


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Re: Display Monitor Options: 4K, 27", IPS, Wide Gamut
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2021, 03:00:23 PM »
I agree with Markus - unless you are producing images professionally for a printer, gallery or need color accuracy (and in that case, Eizo is your friend) - just get a monitor that has good reviews and fits your budget.

I've been very happy with my widescreen LG ... if I were buying today in that price range, I'd probably be looking at the LG Ultragear series...  Good luck!