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Started by musashi77, September 01, 2021, 05:43:16 AM

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We use IMatch Anywhere at home so my wife can browse through the database and select the photos she wants to use for photobook printing. So its usually heavily used for a week or two and then sits idle for a few months. Its been a while since last use however when attempting to launch I keep getting the attached error "Error The Service failed to start. Please retry later. the service log file contains additional information." the service log is also attached and looking at the detail I can find that appears relevant is "IMWS: Failed to open the database in writable mode".

There hasn't been an issue launching the service the last few times it was used and there hasn't been any configuration changes to the setup of the system, permissions, locations etc haven't changed.  The service also cannot be started manually and as far as I can tell the database is writable, the service and database both are on the same computer and it has also been rebooted prior to launch.

I'm not sure where else to look to begin troubleshooting.


Your IMA version is quite old. Remember that for a new IMatch version there is also an update to IMA. Not always, but in most cases. If you updated IMatch but not IMA, it is possible that IMA can not open the DB format anymore.
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


IMWS reports

Failed to open the database O:\Catalogues\IMatch 2020\IMatch 2020 Database.imd5 in writable mode.

Check these things:

1. Did you upgrade IMatch only but not IMatch Anywhere?
When a new IMatch version comes out, there is usually a compatibility update for IMatch Anywhere. I list hem in the Announcement board here if this is the case. And you see the update in the customer portal of course.

2. Check that the file is not write-protected and that the user under which you run IMatch Anywhere WebServices has write access to the file.

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Quote from: Mario on September 01, 2021, 09:03:21 AM

1. Did you upgrade IMatch only but not IMatch Anywhere?

I think this may be the problem. Ive been heavily using Imatch of the past year or two (lockdowns been handy for tagging old pics) If I was prompted I would have updated it, but as I haven't been using the Anywhere, it most likely didnt get the update at the time.

Will check this out and update tonight.


Great, I did the update and all is working fine. Have to remember to update both apps at the same time next time.

Thanks for you help.